Services in Administration, Company Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Purchasing Management and Real Estate Management, residential and commercial.

Having a clear financial summary will help you to analyse your company’s situation and allow you to take clear and sound decisions at the appropriate time.

The implementation or revision of your accounting operations, the corroboration of your internal control system, the analysis of discrepancies in your financial statement; these are only a few actions that will ensure that your financial information is precise and allow you to limit several risks.

Business accounting and regulation is murky territory for many, leaving them overwhelmed, short of liquid funds for expansion, and often in violation of industry and taxation requirements. Let Gestion Quintessence prepare a precise financial report - showing both the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise - to help you ensure that you can deliver projects on time and that all fiscal and regulatory obligations are met.

We'll do the monitoring, allowing you to get on with your business.

Company Management & Administration Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Implementation and evaluation of control systems
  • Implementation of efficient work methods and analysis of best practices
  • Support for establishing a proper budget
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Preparation of tax reports (TPS/TVQ)
  • Analysis and recommendations of financial reports
  • Payroll services

Human Resources Management

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring and training
  • Human resources support for managers/directors
  • Convention and employee policies
  • Creation of job descriptions, objectives and evaluations
  • Monitoring labour standards, laws and regulations
  • Prevention mutuel negociations 

Purchasing Management

  • Negotiation of equipment purchases
  • Negotiation of merchandise purchases
  • Price monitoring and control
  • Cost price calculation

Real Estate Management


  • Monthly reporting on revenues and expenses
  • Accounting and administrative reports; management of budgets and banking activities
  • Accounts payable and monthly issuing of checks
  • Preparation, management and follow up of leases
  • Preparation and distribution of notices to tenants
  • Planning and overseeing maintenance and repair work
  • Supervision of preventative maintenance
  • Regular visits to projects by a qualified supervisor
  • Preparation of location before arrival of guests
  • Concierge and housekeeping services

Condominium management

  • Monthly reporting on revenues and expenses for board of directors
  • Collection and deposit of contributions from owners (condo fees)
  • Management of accounts payable and issuing of checks to suppliers
  • Management of banking operations for contingency and operational funds
  • Preparation of annual operation budgets
  • Management of various administrative tasks and representation when consulting with oversight authorities
  • Communication and correspondence with individual unit owners
  • Coordination of annual meetings, convening notice and meeting minutes
  • Management of complaints and claims of owners
  • Planning, surveillance and supervision of different outsourced jobs and contracts related to the common elements (grass, snow removal, extermination, housekeeping, verification of the various structural components, etc)
  • Building management
  • Regular visits from a qualified supervisor to verify maintenance of common elements of the building

Maître’D Programming & Training Services

  • Maître ‘D software management
  • Inventory and menu programming service
  • Consulting services
  • Programming analysis and optimisation recommandations
  • Sales and inventory implementation
  • Service staff and administratif training
  • Inventory management services

Other services and advantages

Gestion Quintessence offers solutions for the issues and concerns that SME managers and leaders are confronted with each day.

Throughout the years, we have built a solid network of professionals and specialists. We share this knowledge base with our clients, giving them advantage over the competition.

In addition, each business will benefit from reduced prices on a variety of products and services that are usually enjoyed only by high-volume businesses.