About us

Planning, Development and Management Services

Gestion Quintessence is a full-service management company that can take you through the planning, development, staffing and management stages of your business.


The Gestion Quintessence team has 45 years of combined experience in the real estate, construction and hospitality industries, with a strong focus on hotel, restaurant and bar operations.

Throughout our years in these fields, we have built a solid network of professionals with whom we have developed privileged relationships. We bring these relationships to the table to help you staff and manage your enterprise.

Gestion Quintessence is also known for its ability to adapt to the realities and changing needs of businesses. Every company is different, and there is no one path that is suitable for everyone. Our respected industry authorities take the time to understand your needs, and take the approach that suits you and your company best.

Our expertise:

  • Management and Accounting
  • Planning and Development
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Negotiation of major purchases



The vision of Gestion Quintessence:

We seek to grow alongside our clientele, in partnership with them. Through confidence in our mutual vision, and teamwork, we all achieve our objectives.

The mission of Gestion Quintessence:
To offer expertise and a personalized service that adapts to the needs of our clientele in order to help them achieve their objectives.